Thanks to some devoted and hard-working MEG members and fourSlaithwaite Explorer Scouts we took down the Festive Trees from Milnsbridge this morning.
We borrowed ladders from Morley Brothers and Mrs Wise of New Street.
Mike Hibbert very kindly provided a van and labour to take the retired trees back to the Colne Valley Garden Centre who will recycle them for us.
Jeremy Cuss and Ashley Wattam made a great new dismantling team, as did the more familiar pairing, Alex Thompson and Abi Bliss. Julie Hinchliffe, aided by husband Mark, supervised the whole enterprise and dismantled the lights from nearly 40 trees, another tough task.
Thank You to all who helped in one way or another, including all who helped dress the trees and erect them in late November.
We can’t do any of it without our volunteers
We also would like to acknowledge the generosity of the By & Buy Community Shop and Milnsbridge masons for their help in funding new sets of lights this year.
Polly McGrail, MEG chair