Milnsbridge Climbing Boulder, Crow Lane Recreation Park


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Milnsbridge on the UP as climbing boulder unveiled to the public

Local Huddersfield volunteers Milnsbridge Enhancement Group [MEG] are delighted to announce the opening event of the Milnsbridge Climbing Boulder on Saturday 1st November. Situated on Crow Lane Recreation Ground in Milnsbridge, the boulder is the only one of its kind in Kirklees and will be free for all to use.

The culmination of more than three years’ planning by the group, the project was primarily funded by the Colne Valley Area Committee and SITA Trust, with additional grants from the By & Buy Community Shop and Kirklees Common Good Trust.

Bouldering is a form of low-level climbing where the emphasis is upon agility and balance rather than height. It doesn’t require any ropes or special equipment, making it accessible for all ages and abilities. Having increased in popularity in recent years, with many indoor climbing walls opening across the country, there is talk of it being included in the Olympics, and it is already part of the school sports curriculum.

Unlike indoor climbing walls, the Milnsbridge Climbing Boulder will be outdoors and available for all to use in Crow Lane Recreation Ground which is conveniently situated on two bus routes, making it a real asset to the village and to young climbers who live nearby. The nearest similar boulders are sited across the border in Oldham and Rochdale, and there are a number in Sheffield, the climbers’ Mecca.

Designed and constructed by specialist manufacturers Bendcrete Leisure, the boulder is made from concrete sprayed onto a bespoke mesh-covered metal frame, with shapes and holds carved into the surface. Measuring approximately 10 metres in length by 3 metres width and 3 metres in height, it is designed to be durable and is of natural stone colour to fit in with the surrounding area.

Having previously secured funding for the improvement of the children’s playground in Crow Lane Recreation Ground, MEG felt that older children and teenagers were lacking in facilities in the area. When proposing the boulder project, the group found that the idea was received with enthusiasm by local Scout groups and high schools, indicating that the boulder will be well-used, attracting climbers to the village whilst also providing young people with a constructive outlet for their energies.

Installation is due to be completed during the half-term holiday and the grand opening event for the boulder takes place on Saturday 1st November from 2pm at Crow Lane Recreation Ground. With music, climbing instructors on hand for advice and climbing gear for sale, the event offers an ideal opportunity for keen climbers, beginners and the merely curious to come along and try out this new and unique facility.




We are currently developing a project to install a climbing boulder in one of the parks in Milnsbridge so that older children will have somewhere to play and perhaps develop initial climbing skills. Our intention is to have a boulder that would attract climbers to the village and engage local teenagers. Something along the lines of the boulders that have been installed in Sheffield would be ideal: (click here for an album of photos)

Such designs can cost significant amounts of money; we are therefore at a stage of consulting local people to see if there is sufficient interest in the project. However, we have seen that there are various schemes out there funding activity/sports projects and we are hopeful that the project will progress beyond the planning stage.

If you would be interested in the project please contact us on: